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Descripción de la exposición

I was born in Italy in the city of Catania on the 23rd of November 1976.  

1992/1997 I studied at the Mario Cutelli classico high school.  

1997/2002 I studied and completed my degree at the University of Jurisprudence in the city of Catania, Villa Cerami.  
2002/03  I collaborated with the University of Granada and with the UAM Autonomous University of Mexico City in a thesis on the defence of the rights of the Indians.  The period which allowed and gave me  first contact with Latin America where I gained a special interest in indigenous culture and where all its cultural nuances were born in me and awoke an acute sensitivity towards those ethnic minorities that are often victims of abuse by the so-called “first world”.  

2004/07 School of Dramatic Art Off / Valencia, duration three years.   Where my Valencian period began, not knowing that it  would last almost 8 years and which would allow me to interact through theatre with the Valencian artistic avant-garde of that period. After finishing school, I worked for a year in an independent and bohemian theatre which was located in Barrio del Carmen. (Carme Teatre). Those were the bohemian years which consisted of endless nights, parties, alcohol and drugs, all enriched by the magic that only the theatre could give me. In addition to that the meeting and the making of a friendship with Aurelio Delgado, historical director of the Carme Teatre, which would leave an important mark on me, still young and full of concerns, and would also give me the opportunity to meet painters, sculptors and free thinkers.  

2008/09 I worked at the Teatro del Carmen, Valencia.  

2002 / Liotro Project figurative art workshop for abandoned children. An insight of the beneficial advantages of art in children´s life, Antigua city, Guatemala.  

2002/12 I moved  to the island of Mallorca with my partner Krisztina. The silence and peace of the island along  with the birth of my daughter Giulietta gave my heart years of stillness, love and great artistic production, interspersed with trips in the Arab world (Morocco and Tunisia) and several exhibitions between Italy and Spain. In these Arab countries I rediscovered the amazing colours and smells that would take me back to those memories of my childhood and adolescence right in the cradle of the Mediterranean, Sicily, where it all began.  

2013/18 During these years I lived between Mallorca and the island of Cuba. In Cuba I was situated precisely in the small city of Baracoa, Guantanamo province, Eastern Cuba. Baracoa was the first capital of Cuba. A city that opened up a wonderful world to me where African roots are mixed with indigenous and Haitian elements where all is accompanied by traditional Cuban music and old Cuban songs that threw me in to a world where it seemed that the time had stopped with all of its magic. Experiences that would allow me to meet and collaborate with two great local painters, Gilliermo Orlando Piedra, but above all Mildo Matos, an expert and scholar of the indigenous Taino culture that marked some of my latest work. This period left in me and in my works an exotic / Afro-Jamaican imprint dominated by Caribbean colours that together with the colours of the Mediterranean would give life to a strong and joyful cubism that will mark many of my works.  

2018/20 The period of crisis but also of growth in the human sphere and also in the my artistic profession. Separation, depression and pain made me immerse myself in painting as a type of therapy and to then be able to reach a Catharsis. I experimented with new techniques, I used spatulas, my bare hands, industrial colours, I mixed everything, I broke schemes ... I spit blood and pain on the canvases, but overall this period was my rebirth. A series of different works by textures, lines and colours would be born.   At present I am living in Mallorca.  
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